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Felony-245x300Patrick Mahomes, Sr. was indicted for drunk driving in Texas.  According to Spectrum News, Mahomes has two prior DWI convictions.  In Texas, a third DWI (called ‘OVI’ in Ohio) is a felony offense which carries a prison term of two years to ten years.  But what if a person is charged with a felony OVI in Ohio? Continue Reading

Judge confused or angryInterpreting Ohio’s DUI/OVI sentencing law can be complicated. The sentencing statutes take up many pages in the Ohio Revised Code (O.R.C.), and appellate courts have issued many decisions interpreting those statutes. One issue which has led to confusion is how a court is supposed to sentence a defendant convicted of felony OVI and a ‘repeat offender specification’. This issue is complicated enough that different appellate courts in different districts of Ohio have reached different conclusions. The Ohio Supreme Court recently acknowledged the conflict among the appellate courts and issued a decision which resolves the conflict and establishes one rule for the entire state.

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