New Book For Those Charged With DUI / OVI: The “Ohio DUI/OVI Guide”

Ohio-DUI-OVI-Guide-COVER-FRONT-228x300Many people charged with DUI (called ‘OVI’ in Ohio), especially those charged with a first offense, feel like they are in the dark. They do not understand the elements and consequences of OVI, and they do not know what to expect in the court process. They also are uncertain about whether to hire a lawyer and how to find a good defense attorney. I recently published a new book, the Ohio DUI/OVI Guide, which answers most of the questions people ask in this situation. My hope is that those who read the guide will no longer be in the dark.

Educate Yourself
As an Ohio DUI/OVI lawyer, I often say the first step for a person charged with OVI should be self-education. There are many misconceptions about DUI/OVI, and the internet is generally not a good source for clarifying the misconceptions. I have endeavored to provide accurate information about OVI topics on the Dominy Law Firm website, and I previously wrote a book which provides that information in one resource. Due to changes in the law, that book has become outdated. I wrote the new Ohio DUI/OVI Guide to provide updated, accurate information so readers can learn more about their situations.

Learning more about the situation provides two benefits. First, having more information about OVI cases helps readers feel more empowered and less anxious. Second, readers can use the knowledge gained from the book to make educated decisions about how to address their cases.

Five Categories of Information
Over the last two decades, I have fielded questions about OVI from hundreds of clients. Those questions can be grouped into five main categories:

  • What exactly is OVI, and what are the consequences?
  • What evidence is used in OVI cases?
  • What are the defenses to OVI?
  • What is the court process for OVI?
  • How should I handle my OVI case?

Based on those five categories of questions, the Ohio DUI/OVI Guide is divided into five parts.  Part One explains the elements of OVI: what the prosecution must prove for a conviction, as well as the possible consequences of a conviction. Part Two discusses the evidence used by the prosecution to prove the driver is ‘under the influence’ or ‘over the limit’.

Part Three presents the most common defenses to OVI. The lawyers at the Dominy Law Firm created a list of ‘The Top 100 Ohio DUI/OVI Defenses’©, and that list is included in the book. Part Four describes, chronologically, the court appearances in OVI cases.

Part Five answers questions commonly asked about how to handle an OVI case. Those questions include:  Should I plead Guilty or Not Guilty?  Should I hire a lawyer? How do I choose a good lawyer? Part Five also provides resources for researching lawyers and questions to ask when interviewing lawyers.

Valuable Material For Those Facing OVI Charges
Although the book is for sale on Amazon, it is not going to be featured on the New York Times best seller list. That’s fine. It is not my intention to receive recognition, awards, or a financial windfall for the book. My intention is to provide valuable information for those facing OVI charges. When I talk with clients one-on-one, I know how empowering it is for my clients to have their questions answered. My hope is the book will have that same effect on readers and will equip readers with knowledge to make well-reasoned decisions about handling their OVI cases.


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