Location, Location, Location

I’m moving my office to a new location. Beginning in October of 2011, my office is located in suite 450 of the Mettler Toledo building at 1900 Polaris Parkway in Columbus, Ohio. The building is pretty hard to miss: it’s a six-story office building at the intersection of Interstate 71 and Polaris Parkway (just north of I-270) and says “Mettler Toledo” in huge letters that can be seen from I-71 (and almost from I-270!).

I’m always looking for ways to improve the operation of my office. With the changes in technology over the course of my practice, my office operation has changed. My office is now essentially paperless, and all the information for my practice is on my laptop. With these changes, and after reading “The Four Hour Workweek” by Timothy Ferriss, I realized I can change the operation of my practice to be more flexible and efficient, if I have ‘the right office’.

My new office is ‘the right office’. The receptionist uses a phone system with voice over IP technology, so I can take client calls from anywhere. The administrative assistants use software that allows us to collaborate on tasks even when I’m not in the office. I suddenly feel free. I can get work done, review staff work, communicate with staff, and communicate with clients whether I’m at the office, the courthouse, or my house.

My new office is also good for clients. Most of my clients have cases in Franklin County or Delaware County, and I also have clients with cases in other central Ohio counties, so the new location is perfect. The location at I-71 and Polaris Parkway is convenient from just about any location in central Ohio. The suburban location is also nice because parking is so much easier for clients than when I was downtown.

My new office is also good for sentimental reasons. I grew up in this area, not far from the location of my new office (although it was then a corn field). I went to Olentangy schools and The Ohio State University, and I chose to stay in central Ohio to raise a family. I like practicing in the place that is home to me.

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