Should The Government Ban Apps For DUI Evasion?

There is an ever-increasing number of apps for Iphones, Droids, and BlackBerrys. In addition to finding local restaurants and launching angry animals, smartphone users can now download apps designed to help the users avoid DUI charges. United States senators recently moved smartphone manufacturers to discontinue these apps, which raises the question: should the government ban apps for DUI evasion?

Apps such as Fuzzalert, Phantom Alert, and Trapster give users real-time information regarding topics such as speed traps, traffic cameras, and DUI checkpoints. United States senators recently sent letters to Google (Droid), Apple (Iphone), and Research In Motion (BlackBerry) requesting the manufacturers to remove these apps from their app stores. According to, Research In Motion agreed to pull the apps, Google declined, and Apple has taken no action.

The involvement of U.S. senators in this issue may foreshadow a government move to legislatively ban these apps. Such legislation would be similar to state laws that ban radar/laser detectors. While drivers shouldn’t need a DUI evasion app because they shouldn’t be driving drunk, this doesn’t seem like a critical issue requiring national legislation.

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