New Book Discusses Ohio Vehicular Homicide Cases

Vehicular homicide is the topic of a new book by Aspatore Books. The book, Defending DUI Vehicular Homicide Cases, was released in January, 2012 and is part of the “Inside The Minds” book series.

“Inside The Minds” is a series of books written by lawyers and executives for lawyers and executives. According to Aspatore, the series ‘was conceived to give a first-hand look into the leading minds of top business executives and lawyers worldwide, presenting an unprecedented collection of views on various industries and professions’. Aspatore is a division of Thompson Reuters.

This book, Defending DUI Vehicular Homicide Cases, contains chapters written by nine D.U.I. lawyers from across the country. Topics include case law, client relations, investigation, negotiation, trial preparation, and trial practice. I wrote the last chapter for the book: “Settlement Strategies for D.U.I. Vehicular Homicide Cases”. That chapter outlines my approach to negotiating resolutions with prosecutors and evaluating settlement offers with clients.

I am honored that Aspatore Books asked me to write a chapter for this book, and I hope readers gain insight from the knowledge and experience of all the authors. The book can be purchased from the Aspatore website.

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