12-Year-Old Is One Of Three Charged With DUI In One Incident

Police in Minnesota arrested three people for DUI in one incident. Police received a call that a car went off the road and crashed into a shed. When they arrived, they found the driver and passenger in the car. The driver was a 12-year-old girl, and she was ultimately charged with DWI. The passenger, a 19-year-old man, attempted to move the vehicle, and he too was charged with DWI. Another 19-year-old man drove a moped to the scene to pick up the passenger, and the moped driver was also charged with DWI. The story was published online in the Crimesider page of the CBS News website.

In Ohio, if a 12-year-old were suspected of drunk driving, the juvenile may face multiple charges. First, the juvenile may be charged with O.V.I. (D.U.I.) for operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol and subjected to O.V.I. penalties. Second, the juvenile may be charged with O.V.U.A.C. for operating a vehicle after underage consumption and be sentenced for underage O.V.I. Third, the juvenile may be charged with Underage Alcohol Consumption which carries additional sanctions.

The Minnesota deputies must have been surprised to find a 12-year-old behind the wheel of the wrecked car and even more surprised to arrest three people for DUI out of the same incident.

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